Articles by Famida Rahman

I am an artist. When I substitute my brush for my pen and my paint for my words, I want to write a picture of vision, knowledge and imagination upon the canvas of our minds. I am a law/commerce student, writer and visual artist who has a keen interest in the world around me.


Independents on the rise

ith both houses of Parliament standing to be dissolved and re-elected in the fast approaching double dissolution election, it is prime time to contemplate all players in the Australian political game. Rather than the recurring question of Labor or Liberal, now more than ever many voters are vying for an alternative to two party dominated…


Broken Goods

ome refer to it as female circumcision, cutting, mutilation even ‘genital genocide’, but how about child abuse? The practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) on teenage, infant, or even baby girls is widespread in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.  In the absence of understanding and consent, young girls are pinned down before they…


Isabelle De Klein

‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one’ – Albert Einstein   Isabelle De Klein is a young emerging artist whose work loosely explores this notion. The cognitive distortions and psychological misinterpretations, which can shape one’s perceptions and in turn reality. Based in Melbourne Australia, she is completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at…


The New Age of Direct Democracy in Australia

hile the notion of direct democracy epitomises the true will of the people, the impracticality and inefficiency of this system has lead to the majority of the world’s democratic nations being vested in the elected representative. Online Direct Democracy is an Australian ‘micro-party’ with the purpose of re-introducing the uninterrupted voice of the people back…

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