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Sydney says ‘peace not pence’

As tensions between North Korea and the United States heat up a vocal few are asking what this means for Australia. The Sydney Stop the War Coalition staged a rally ahead of US Vice President, Mike Pence’s visit to Australia this weekend. They made their message loud and clear, ‘we want peace, not Pence’. ……


21st Century Poet

Poet, rapper, and former satirical news anchor Hugo Farrant has ended a hectic six years as co-writer and presenter of the Juice Media’s Rap News. He’s traded the bustle of Melbourne for the serenity of Trentham, some 90km northwest of Melbourne. It’s an existence made all the quieter by the incidental lack of Internet availability…


Notes on a Hermit Kingdom

I’d not yet settled into my Beijing hotel room before the push notifications began on news of the DPRK’s nuclear testing. Only hours earlier I had been aboard a train, crossing the Yalu River from the austere North Korean settlement of Sinuiju to the glitzy Chinese city of Dandong. The Yalu crossing concluded my week…

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