Alexander McCarron

I am a freelance writer, and a graduate of Sydney University and Oxford University, where I specialised in Semitic languages and literature. My writing focuses chiefly on religious/ethnic tensions and conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa. I enjoy constructive debates so please feel free to comment on my contributions!

Angus Bezzina

Researcher, writer, wanderer and occasional philosopher with interests both many and varied. I've dedicated my time here to writing about science, technology, war and crime. I hope to further develop my craft and glean some new world insights in this process so constructive feedback is always welcome!

Asheka Pieris

I'm currently studying Neuroscience and Computer Science at the University of Sydney. I am hoping to become a doctor and go into medical research into Neurodegenerative diseases. I currently host a radio show about domestic and global politics. I would really like to become an author one day.

Becca Rocke

I have wandering feet and a love for travel, which has enabled me to engage with cultures and societies all over the world. Through my travels I have developed a greater understanding of how politics is shaped in different nations around the globe. I hope to use my experiences to help frame how young people view politics, and help people re-engage.

Chloe Habelreeh

Emperor Stu

Stuart Lee aka Emperor Stu is an independent political cartoonist. "Less gunshots more cumshots."

Famida Rahman

I am an artist. When I substitute my brush for my pen and my paint for my words, I want to write a picture of vision, knowledge and imagination upon the canvas of our minds. I am a law/commerce student, writer and visual artist who has a keen interest in the world around me.

Kathryn Browning

As a child, I believed that happiness was all I needed to succeed, not fame or fortune. Perhaps it's naïve, but I still believe the secret to life is to find your bliss. Mine is writing.

Lara Beattie

Currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance and Government and International Relations. Human and animal rights activist, writer, programmer, day dreamer and ukulele player. I just think people are so interesting.

Lewis Taylor

I am a freelance writer. My main topics of interest are politics, social issues, and music. I am based in Northern New South Wales, around Byron Bay. My writing is strongly influenced by the society and culture of this unique region of Australia. I don't mind a debate, so don't hesitate to comment on my articles.

Max Serjeant

Max Serjeant is a journalist and photographer from the uk but based in Australia. He is particularly interested in politics, travel writing and Latin America. More of his work can be found at

Not Us

Occupations: Writer and editor for North Ridges Publications (insta @NorthRidgesPublications) Artist – painter, tattooer, wildstyle graffiti Environmental and political activist

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