Tutku Bulutbeyaz

  Tutku Bulutbeyaz is a Turkish artist based in Istanbul whose compositions evoke a sense of contradiction and intrigue. Bulutbeyaz’s collages juxtapose the contemporary and the traditional as he creatively represents the polarisation of the Western and Eastern worlds. His intricate designs are multi-layered in terms of content and meaning as his work makes a…


JC Epong

  JC Epong is a Chicago-based photographer whose work captures the essence of humanity. He reminds us of diversity and struggle through his unique eye for individuality. To fully appreciate the significance of his photographs, you must visit his Instagram (@undocumentarian) and/or Facebook site to read the anecdotes he couples with each shot. Alternatively, visit his website. “JC Epong is…



AFFIRMATIVE: Charlotte Hughes   In light of the recent COP21 talks and Paris agreement, I think we can all agree that sustainable development is on the right track. The key elements of the agreement include, but are not limited to: • To peak greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible and achieve a balance between sources and sinks of…


Ozflix is coming

The Australian film industry has had a bumper year. In spite of the hostile funding climate over the past two years, the sector has maintained a celebrated status among screen industries outside Hollywood.   According to the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia, there have been three major local productions that have grossed more than…


The problem with a flag

The complexities of the factors which tend to propel nations into civil war are no less present in the one fought between northern and southern states of America. The causes may be simplified, perhaps oversimplified to the point of mythologizing the narrative associated with the path to conflict. The American Civil war is alleged by one school of thought to…

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