21st Century Poet

Poet, rapper, and former satirical news anchor Hugo Farrant has ended a hectic six years as co-writer and presenter of the Juice Media’s Rap News. He’s traded the bustle of Melbourne for the serenity of Trentham, some 90km northwest of Melbourne. It’s an existence made all the quieter by the incidental lack of Internet availability…


Diego Cupolo

Diego Cupolo is a freelance photojournalist, reporter and author whose work exposes the human experience of war, conflict and the resulting refugee crisis. He has visited countless refugee camps and infiltrated smuggling networks both in Europe and the Middle East to better understand the layers of experience involved in mass migration. Forced to flee Venezuela…


Isabelle De Klein

‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one’ – Albert Einstein   Isabelle De Klein is a young emerging artist whose work loosely explores this notion. The cognitive distortions and psychological misinterpretations, which can shape one’s perceptions and in turn reality. Based in Melbourne Australia, she is completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at…


Yağmur Al Sharif

      Yağmur Al Sharif is a war photographer, activist and mother of one. Through her photography, she captures the complexities of war and shines light onto the disrupted human routine that it produces. By entering conflict zones and refugee camps, her photography provides a unique perspective of the individual impact of war. Our…


Who is Jeremy Corbyn and can he win?

The new leader of Britain’s opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, has created quite a stir in Britain and across the world. He has created impressive levels of political engagement in a country where disillusionment in politics is common – increasing his party’s membership dramatically from 200,000 to 350,000 since he first put his name down for…


JC Epong

  JC Epong is a Chicago-based photographer whose work captures the essence of humanity. He reminds us of diversity and struggle through his unique eye for individuality. To fully appreciate the significance of his photographs, you must visit his Instagram (@undocumentarian) and/or Facebook site to read the anecdotes he couples with each shot. Alternatively, visit his website. “JC Epong is…


Karma Kegs

he idea of a “karma keg” is a relatively new phenomenon sweeping across Australian pubs and bars. We have a pretty solid drinking culture here in Oz, so why not help others whilst enjoying a schooey? The basic idea is that the venue allows the customers to “pay what they want” for a beer until…

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