Sydney says ‘peace not pence’

As tensions between North Korea and the United States heat up a vocal few are asking what this means for Australia. The Sydney Stop the War Coalition staged a rally ahead of US Vice President, Mike Pence’s visit to Australia this weekend. They made their message loud and clear, ‘we want peace, not Pence’. ……


RECAP: Turkey Coup

urkey – a country that many of us associate with kebabs, moustaches and camels. There are many misconceptions surrounding Turkey, although I’m happy to say that kebabs are not one of them. The history of the Turks spans more than 4000 years, but 1299 and the beginning of the Ottoman Empire seems a more appropriate…


Independents on the rise

ith both houses of Parliament standing to be dissolved and re-elected in the fast approaching double dissolution election, it is prime time to contemplate all players in the Australian political game. Rather than the recurring question of Labor or Liberal, now more than ever many voters are vying for an alternative to two party dominated…


United We Stand, Divided We Fall

adiq Khan just made history by becoming the first Muslim mayor of London. But aside from his religion, who is he and what does he stand for? Khan’s story is one of rags to riches. His parents immigrated from Pakistan around the time of the Partition of India in 1947. Khan was born shortly after…


We’ve Boundless Plains to Share*

*Terms and Conditions apply ustralia’s immigration policy and the plight of refugees have an age old relationship; so much so that a popular primary school book, Morris Gleitzmann’s ‘Boy Overboard‘ presents the situation in a way ten year olds could understand – and this was a book published over a decade ago. More recently, the escalation…


The New Age of Direct Democracy in Australia

hile the notion of direct democracy epitomises the true will of the people, the impracticality and inefficiency of this system has lead to the majority of the world’s democratic nations being vested in the elected representative. Online Direct Democracy is an Australian ‘micro-party’ with the purpose of re-introducing the uninterrupted voice of the people back…


El Chapo’s Lesson

The perks of being a world class criminal and why crime may never go away ew people epitomise the term “drug lord” as well as Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. From the humblest of origins he rose to preside over the largest illicit drug syndicate in Mexico, the Sinaloa cartel. As a result, he has accumulated…


Who is Hillary Clinton and Can She Win?

cross both of the current American nomination contests, Clinton is the candidate with easily the most political capital and establishment connections. Wife of an ex-president and having participated in the current government, she should be able to count on the backing of people who approved of her husband’s presidency and supporters of Obama’s government. This…


Breaking Free | Part I | Palestine

n 1948, one of the greatest refugee crises in human history began. The displacement of the Palestinian people has created one of the longest refugee crises of the twentieth century. At the heart of solving this ongoing conflict is the question of Palestinian statehood, and how it can—or if it should—be achieved. In ancient times,…


The world’s most persecuted minority?

  n 2012 the United Nations called for more than $30 million in aid for the minority Muslim Rohingya population living in the Rakhine state of western Myanmar. It called the Rohingya there the world’s most persecuted minority. The massive, yet underreported, Rohingya diaspora in Southeast Asia suffer perpetual shunning and violence from the wider communities…

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