Surgical Saviour

Douglas Schuler’s new Sterile Box is set to revolutionise healthcare in developing nations While almost all wealthy nations around the world (except the US) provide universal healthcare, it will hardly come as a revelation that a large portion of the world’s people receive a very poor standard of healthcare. The truth is that this imbalance exists…


Tourism’s Newest Frontier

Vacationing in space may be available sooner than expected. pace travel is a concept that has captivated the imaginations of people around the world for centuries, if not millennia. It represents the ability to discover an ancient landscape virtually untouched by humans and filled with countless new worlds and seemingly infinite possibilities. Sadly as people…


Short-Sighted and Small Brained

Some of the less publicised disadvantages of technological innovations he world is now at a point where its inhabitants are more connected than ever before, being able to communicate text, photos and videos within seconds. Today the latest movies and music can be downloaded instantly and moments in social settings where questions are left unanswered…


Our Hero, Article 487

A proposal that seeks to narrow down who can challenge development plans will adversely impact the environment. When Abbott was removed as Prime Minster, Australians discontented with his policies may have unduly celebrated. However, many of the key issues remain on the same path with Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull in power. The same sex marriage…


The future of powering our planet

  As a youngster, I played the city micromanagement game at school, called SimCity 2000. In the game, you are responsible for building a city and constructing all of the facilities that its citizens need, such as fire stations, police stations, road and rail, hospitals, residential, commercial, and industrial zones, and, to top it off,…


Niagara Falls froze over

s soon as something weird in the weather happens these days, there’s always that one person who says “yeah but the same thing happened…” insert date. Well, yeah, it may have happened before but it seems these erratic weather occurrences are happening more and more often. Climate change? Nah Well earlier this year, Niagara Falls…

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