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Following a short hiatus towards the end of 2016 the team at Read About This are pleased to announce the website’s return in 2017. While the website’s layout remains substantively the same, the content will be slightly different. A major focus of the site will be on audience engagement as well as supporting and developing young journalists and writers. The site will also seek to engage audiences in the deliberative democratic process.


Read About This: we’re back. Following a short break at the end of 2016 the team at Read About This have regrouped and are planning to run a youth-oriented platform for civic and literary journalism.

While the site is based in Sydney it’s looking for writers and contributors from across Australia and the world. The website has changed its content and style in seeking to fill what the team sees as gaps in the Australian media. Furthermore, the site is taking a thematic approach to its content management, with its five major story categories: People, Power, Arts, Science, Perspective.

Charlotte Grieve, the founder of Read About This, is excited about the website’s new format. She started the website late in 2015 as a place for young people to engage with broader issues in society.



Charlotte Grieve, founder of Read About This. Supplied


“It started as a project of passion for me. I thought there was a gap in the market in terms of what young people are reading, and my background in international relations made me interested in all these different things going on in the world and I just didn’t think people my age were reading about it that much.

“I’m so happy to have other people helping out now, and I look forward to seeing the website in its new phase,” she said.

Along with a change of content, the website has taken on a new editor. Michael Forno is a former editor at the City Hub newspaper in inner Sydney and he says he’s looking forward to the new opportunity.


2016-10-04 17.16.36

Michael Forno, the new Editor at Read About This. Supplied.


“It was a shame we let the site slip the way we did but I’m thrilled it’s back. While we have made a few changes to our website we are still very much the same. We’re still a youth oriented website with the purpose of supporting upcoming writers and thinkers find their feet,” he said.

The site is due to start publishing stories from the start of May. If you’re interested in getting involved with Read About This you can find out more by clicking here.




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