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Independents on the rise

ith both houses of Parliament standing to be dissolved and re-elected in the fast approaching double dissolution election, it is prime time to contemplate all players in the Australian political game. Rather than the recurring question of Labor or Liberal, now more than ever many voters are vying for an alternative to two party dominated…


We’ve Boundless Plains to Share*

*Terms and Conditions apply ustralia’s immigration policy and the plight of refugees have an age old relationship; so much so that a popular primary school book, Morris Gleitzmann’s ‘Boy Overboard‘ presents the situation in a way ten year olds could understand – and this was a book published over a decade ago. More recently, the escalation…


The New Age of Direct Democracy in Australia

hile the notion of direct democracy epitomises the true will of the people, the impracticality and inefficiency of this system has lead to the majority of the world’s democratic nations being vested in the elected representative. Online Direct Democracy is an Australian ‘micro-party’ with the purpose of re-introducing the uninterrupted voice of the people back…

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